Eric Adams
Eric Adams is a writer/artist best known for his creator-owned comic series, Lackluster World – a satire about a man with albinism trying to change the world using vandalism and his journalism career all the while fending off his brother and sister’s unusual attempts to religiously convert him.
In 2015, Adams launched Narrier, a comics publishing and distribution company. Under the Narrier name, Adams will continue showcasing Lackluster World, as well as several new titles written by Adams including Goodbye Weather, Pecking Order, and Rumspinga!
He is also the writer of the short story Reflection, the artist of the short story Stuart, which ran in Negative Burn; and a once-contributor to Newsarama.com, writing Sequential Smarts, a thorough series of articles about the business and marketing comics from the perspective of a self-publisher.

Check out his WEBSITE.


KC Anderson
KC Anderson, creator of Egghead comics, Wafflecus, Champion of breakfast, and co-creator of Vikings V.S. Unicorns. He studied Illustration at CCAD (Columbus College of Art and Design) with a BFA (Bachelors in Fine Arts). His goal is to entertain, inspire and create epic and hilarious works of Historical fiction. With his love of food, gladiators and humor, Wafflecus was born.



Scott Bachmann
Scott is the writer and publisher of a series of comics and novels in an interconnected universe of heroes. His stories focus on the person behind the costume. The main protagonist is Liza Lang-Ramiro, the Paragon. The novels document how she became a hero and how she met her husband while the Our Super Mom comic is about the raising of her children in Columbus, Ohio.

When not coding or writing, Scott loves to travel which might explain why he does so many conventions in a year. Scott can occasionally be found helping out his wife at the Dayton Playhouse or running around being silly in a LARP. For the first time in his life, Scott’s home is without cats. But don’t worry, two dogs and two grown boys remain behind to keep his house dirty. Scott also has caught all 649 Pokemon (and working on X/Y) – a fact only he is proud of.

Check out his WEBSITE and FACEBOOK.


Patrick Baumgardner
Patrick began his comic book career in 2009 with the debut of his first book”THE REV”. In 2010 he added two more books in the series,”THE REV 2 and Walk of Revelation”. 2011 Saw the debut of two new titles  “WRATH” and “Return to Bluff Creek. In 2012 Patrick has took his skills in a whole new direction. He teamed with veteran inker/letterer Marcus Rollie for the debut of “LIBERTY(HELL’S)BELL”.

Patrick has since spread out into full time print art featuring Doctor Who,Star Wars and many media and comic hero’s. Patrick will return to his comic creator roots in 2016 with the release of the long awaited sequel “Liberty(Hell’s)Bell 2.


Rob E. Boley
Rob E. Boley is the author of THE SCARY TALES series of dark fantasy novels published by StoneGate Ink featuring mash-ups of classic fairy tale characters and horror monsters. His fiction has appeared in several markets, including A cappella Zoo, Pseudopod, Clackamas Literary Review, and Best New Werewolf Tales. His stories have won Best in Show in the Sinclair Community College Creative Writing Contest and the Dayton Daily News/Antioch Writers’ Workshop Short Story Contest. He lives with his daughter in Dayton, where he works for his alma mater. Each morning and most nights, he enjoys making blank pages darker.


profile pic

Tressina Bowling
Tressina is a Kentucky based artist who’s tools of the trade are mostly pencils, inks and Copic Markers.

Check out her BLOG and WEB COMIC.



Ray Coffman

A life-long artist and creator, Ray has been creating his fantasy/adventure epic “Araura” since 2012. Ray’s art and writing style draws from a variety of diverse influences from 80’s and 90’s cartoons and comics, fantasy, science Fiction, horror as well as being heavily influenced by Japanese manga and anime. He is also President and Co-Founder of indie comic label Quarantine Comics! Feel free to stop by at the show and talk about Araura, or commission him for some original art!

Check out his WEBSITE or the site for his comic ARAURA.


BobcorbySPACE 12 s

Bob Corby (Back Porch Comics)
Bob Corby (Amazing Tales of Entropy,Leaves, Oh,Comics!, Big Ears & Flat Feet, Test!) – Bob Corby has been self publishing since 1986 under the Back Porch Comics imprint. Publications include the anthology, Oh,Comics!, two Bunny Blues series (the first consisting of mystery stories and the second a romantic comedy), Test! (a comic about math) and the just released Amazing Tales of Entropy (a collection of his science fiction and fantasy stories).

Check out their WEBSITE.


Santana Cosplay
Santana is an international cosplay enthusiast who has just recently had shoots in Australia and Japan. She has been covered in various forms of online media, as well as Cosmode magazine, and ranked over a half of million views in her youtube videos as well. She is a performer/singer and model/cosplayer, always looking to entertain, have some fun and meet new people!

Check out her YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK.


Amanda Crum
Amanda Crum is an artist and writer originally from Winchester, Kentucky. Her work has been featured in Cracked Eye Magazine, Bay Laurel, and Dark Eclipse. She is also a published novelist and works as a web journalist by day. Her book of illustrated horror poetry, The Madness In Our Marrow, is due out in 2016.

Check out her FACEBOOK.


Andrew Daily
Andrew Dailey is a freelance illustrator and fine artist from Dayton OH. He actively exhibits artwork regionally and nationally. In 2011, Andrew was recognized with an “Individual Excellence Award” from the Ohio Arts Council. In addition to his artistic practice, Dailey works as an art instructor and the Cultural Arts Program Supervisor at Rosewood Arts Centre in Kettering, OH.

His love for comic illustration has inspired Rosewood’s comic related special events. Most notable are Comic Book Studio Day, a series of hands-on comic creator workshops and SuburbiCon, a creator focused mini-con.

Check out his FACEBOOK.


Mason Easley
Mason Easley is a Columbus native, and has been an artist for as long as he can remember. Professionally, he has done work for a variety of gaming, trading card, and comic companies. These include Marvel, Rittenhouse Archives, Cryptozoic, and Alphetar Games. He is currently working on his creator-owned comic series Psychic Soldier Kai and other projects.

Check out his DEVIANT.

John Eboigbe bio pic

John Eboigbe
John Eboigbe has been working off world for 20+ plus years only briefly returning for a stint at Marvel comics then quickly returning to the far reaches of the galaxy to continue to hone his skills. Only now have he has returned to unleash his creations upon this convention to awe and amaze.


Bob Frantz
Writer. Founder of Loophole Comics. Winner of awards. SAHD/Husband. Cleaner of various messes.

Check out his WEBSITE.

freeman headshot

Jeremy Freeman
Jeremy Freeman is a native Ohio artist who has been inking comics professionally since 2003. He is a founding member of Ten Ton Studios and has worked for several companies including Tokyopop, Image, and Marvel Comics. Notable works include inks on Jim Henson’s Return to Labyrinth vol. 1, Psy-comm vol. 1 – 3, Cable & Deadpool and Squadron Supreme.

Check out more of his work on DEVIANT or his WEBSITE.

Bio photo 2015

Tim Fuller
Tim Fuller began self-publishing his cartoons in Hooha Comics in 1978. He contributed the series “The Blue Beagle,” to Fantagraphics’ Critters and “Cap’n Catnip” to Charlton Bullseye. Tim created countless strips and cartoons for various fanzines, mini comics and magazines, including The Comic Buyers Guide and Starlog.

In 2006, after a self-imposed exile from making comics, Tim began actively creating and publishing his cartoons again. He collected his various “Blue Beagle” stories into a book. In 2009 he edited a Cincinnati-based anthology, deliciously titled “Twelve-Way with Cheese.” Tim’s ongoing projects include The New Adventures of Cap’n Catnip, SHAM Comics, his rewritten golden age stories, and “Zombie Marge,” a webcomic, which won second place at S.P.A.C.E. in 2014 and a Larry arward for Best Comic 2015 at Tricon in Huntington, WVa .

Check out his WEBSITE and BLOG.

2014-11-09 Rodney

Rodney Fyke
Rodney is a professional writer and artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. He is currently working on his 6th issue of his all ages comic Peanut, Puddin’ n’ Jelly which he self-publishes through Hazzum Productions. Rodney is a versatile artist whose art style ranges anywhere from graphic cartoony to detailed illustration pieces.



Harley Hearttrob
Marnie Riddell, also known as actor, pinup, and cosplay model, Harley Heartthrob, was born in Dublin, Ireland and raised in Cleveland, OH, home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre from The Ohio State University and toured with the Columbus Children’s Theatre for four years. She has appeared in several stage productions and a few independent films.

Since long before the term was coined, Marnie has been cosplaying. She has won Best in Show in costume contests at Derby City in Louisville, KY and Tricon in Huntington, WV as well as Best Female Hero for her portrayal of Hawkgirl at Wizard World Cleveland OH, and was also Tricon’s first Ambassador of Cosplay.

Marnie is involved in charitable organizations such as Ladies of Liber-tease and Patriot Pin Ups that raise money for veterans and veterans’programs. She believes in giving back to the community and having fun while doing it. She hopes to continue her career as a successful pinup and cosplay model and inspire other girls with a similar dream to do the same. It’s never too late to follow your dream!

self portrat march 2015

Alex Heberling
I’m an illustrator and cartoonist residing in Columbus, Ohio, and I’m the creator of The Hues, a comic series about magical girls battling an alien invasion. I’ve been making comics for the web since 2005 and just celebrated my 10th anniversary in the industry.

Alongside my ongoing comics, I am the colorist for the daily comic strip Evil Inc, by Brad Guigar.

Check out her WEBSITE and TWITTER.


Luke Herr

Team Bearable is a collaboration between illustrator and colorist Joe Hunter (Changeling, Radical Guardian Skater X, and more) and writer and editor Luke Herr (Changeling, Socialfist, MultiversalQ, and more) to basically table together with a name that is easier to use than Joe Hunter and Luke Herr! Who knows what the future may bring but the chances are it will be at least be Bearable. Team Bearable. See what we did there?

See more at these locations: Luke’s WEBSITE, Joe’s WEBSITE, or their TUMBLR.



Stephen Hines
Stephen Hines was spawned, and currently lives, in Ohio. When he’s not infiltrating the system by teaching high school English, he’s holed up in his home writing. So far he’s published one graphic novel (Valedictorian USA: Vol. 1), a young adult novel (Hocus Focus), a short story in a dystopian sci-fi anthology (Das Krakenhaus Publishing) called The End of the World as We Know It, a one-shot surrealist horror comic (Icon-O-Plastic), and has several ongoing comic book series (Valedictorian USA, Crackerstacker, and Zombie Fabulous!). His horror graphic novel, S.M.K., is being illustrated as well. He’s currently hard at work on a memoir (Rebirth Defect: My Journey From Catholic Altar Boy to Teen Atheist to Adult Christian Metal Evangelist and Back to Atheism) that will surely alienate the few friends he still has.

Check out his WEBSITE and FACEBOOK.


Ken Kirk
Ken Kirk is an artist out of Lexington, Kentucky who specializes in ink and marker illustrations, but will throw in other mediums for texture and feel. He’s willing to draw on anything, from a piece of recycled cardboard to the back of your head.

Check out his WORK.



J.D. Larabee

J.D. Larabee is an Ohio cartoonist and puppeteer.  He has been a staple in the Midwest since the early 90’s. Setting up at shows and fairs to draw cartoons, making appearances at parties, store openings, and other events; J.D. has become a local favorite to kids and adults alike.

He has worked on comic book titles like Johnny Zombie, and Stiletto Heights, as well as his own series Shepherd’s Secret.  J.D. has also done illustrations for several children’s books and provided animations for the internet smash-hit, Uncle Pete’s Playtime.  Some of his animations have even appeared in commercials for HP, and trailer intros at local cinema events.

Check out his WEBSITE and FACEBOOK.



kevin leen head shot

Kevin Leen
Kevin Leen began freelance illustration several years ago. His work has appeared in independent comics, fantasy game publications and collectable card games. He regularly attends comic book conventions across the Midwest.

Kevin has produced several original sketch cards for Breygent Marketing’s Golden Age Heroes and Villains and Classic Horror and Sci-Fi Movie Posters card sets as well as Chakan:The Hundred Candles:Day of the Dragon, currently available through RAK Graphics.com.

Kevin has partnered with Brett Pinson and have launched Fantastic Storytyme Entertainment. Their first title, Fantastic Storytyme Presents:”zombies, dinosaurs, flying saucers” will launch this year.

Check out his WEBSITE.


Nate Lovett
Nate Lovett is currently one of the artists for Paw Patrol for Random House/ Nickelodeon, he’s also worked on projects such as Monsuno and Redakai for Viz, inks on Ray Height’s Midnight Tiger from Action Lab, colors on Hack/Slash, The Perhapanauts, Kyrra: Alien Jungle Girl, and Skyward, as well as concept art for Hasbro on projects ranging from Star Wars, and GIJoe, to My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop.

Check out his DEVIANT and TWITTER.

new wonder woman done

Jesse Marks
Jesse Marks is a self-taught artist from Cleveland, Ohio. He draws everything from classic comic book heroes and villains to Disney and My Little Pony. He is currently working on his own comic book featuring Evolution Prime for Underground Comics. A second book featuring Jesse’s own characters and characters from Jabaar Brown and Eric Cooper will be out later this year.


Mullet Turtle Comics
Mullet Turtle Comics are a one man band. Everything is written and drawn by Steve Steiner (with many a helpful proofread by his tolerant wife, Jennifer).

He’s best known for having several comics in the competitions of Zuda Comics, DC Comics’s now defunct webcomic imprint. Those comics include “Everyone Laughs at the Crocodile Man,” “Colonel MacTagart,” and “Middle-Aged Monster.” He finally won a contract with Zuda as the colorist of the February 2009 winner “The Hammer.”

Titles he’s produced in the past year include: Bear Wonderland, If You Die in the Woods, Does Anybody Care?, Vulgar and Tasteless Star War Parodies, and How to Befriend a Raccoon.

Steve and Jennifer currently reside in Columbus, Ohio with their secret serial killer cat, Kali.

Check out their STORE, E-STORE and TUMBLR.


Kasandra Murray
Known for my childlike determination to evade my vegetables and doodle, my lifestyle often takes a seriously silly route. With a positive attitude and the natural overabundance of mishaps that come my way, my concepts and ideas can be as adventurous as I am. I tend to fall in the rare category of a rebellious illustrator who enjoys working in InDesign and laying out huge pages of type. With a continuous stream of work I push to expand my skills as a designer and illustrator. Even with the sudden sharp turns that life takes I know it’s only what you make it, and that’s why I choose to use as many strokes, line widths and textures as I embrace the unexpected.

Steven Headshot

Steve Myers
Steven Myers is by trade a Special Education Teacher in northern Ohio. He applies his artistic side by making polymer clay statues of comic book and fantasy characters. He also writes and draws his own mini-comic, the F.E.D.s, and the webcomic Mutant Elf. He regularly contributes to several anthologies and has done several collaborations with other creators, including a comic adaptation of the award-winning webseries Out With Dad.

Check out his WEBSITE.

HS 04

Old World Comics
Old World Comics will be celebrating its 5th. Anniversary in 2015! Founded by head writer, creator and founder Todd Goodman, Old World Comics hosts such diverse comics and books as the comedic superhero title, The Powers that Be! with artist Cory Butler, the best-selling All Hallows Eve with illustrator Andrew Henry, the supernatural thriller Empty Skull with Marcelo Briseno, as well as The Book on Me, Catacombs, Out There and Smells like Pulp Comics. The company website also features the monthly web comic, Old World Office.

Check out their WEBSITE and WEEBLY.


Eric Palicki
Eric Palicki is the writer of the acclaimed graphic novels ORPHANS and RED ANGEL DRAGNET. He lives and works in Columbus, Ohio, where he writes comics, prose, essays, reviews and whatever else he can convince people to pay for. His work has most recently appeared on comiXology and CBS’ MAN CAVE DAILY.

Check out is WEBSITE and TWITTER.


Maryanne Rose Papke
Maryanne Rose Papke attended the Savannah College of Art and Design, graduating in 2009 with a BFA in Sequential Art. She has been self publishing comics both in print and on the web for several years, and has more than half a dozen books in print. Her comics are weird and cute, sometimes spooky, and occasionally epic, with most of her efforts these days going towards her webcomic, Xylobone Tomes. She lives in Columbus with her husband.

Check out her WEBSITE and COMIC.


Wolfgang Parker
Wolfgang Parker is a horror and mystery author from Columbus, Ohio. His Crime Cats chapter book series has earned a sizable following among readers 8 to 12 and recommendations from both Columbus Parent magazine and the Columbus Metropolitan Library. Crime Cats follows the adventures of 8-year-old Columbus superhero Jonas Shurmann, who with his partners, cat detectives CatBob and Neil Higgins, solves mysteries around his neighborhood. Parker has also recently launched a short horror series for adult readers on Amazon’s Kindle Store. The first offering, The Kropes, is now available.


Tricon Icon

Travis Perkins
Travis Perkins is a comic artist from Columbus, Ohio. He got his start as a “Fightin’ Flatsmen” for “Rainbow In The Dark” and “Transformers: More Then Meets The Eye” before graduating to full colorist on several indy projects. Most recently, he’s provided full art duties for “A Man Called Trope” featured in the anthology series “Beautiful, Silly, & Terrible Things”.


brett  pinson

Brett Pinson
Brett R. Pinson is the creator of several independent comics including; Boomtown Scabs, The Adventures of Carl and The Expendables. Brett’s credits also include SYFY Channels Who wants to be a superhero first season runner up Fat Momma Comics and Wolfman Mac’s Chiller Drive-in.

Brett has started a joint venture with Kevin Leen of www.leenink.com, their Fantastic Storytymes Entertainment will be releasing the first Fantastic Storytyme Presents: “Zombies, Dinosaurs Flying saucers”.

Brett brings with him his available comics/graphic novels as well as a wide selection of prints of his artwork.

Check out his WEBSITE.


Power Up
Huntington, West Virginia’s annual Retro Video Game convention! There will be vendors, gaming stations, and tournaments. Fun for all ages. $5 entry with 12 and under free. Come and relive those old gaming memories!


Red Hot Rebellion
They don’t take it easy. They don’t take it too seriously. And they sure as hell aren’t taking it one day at a time. Dayton, Ohio’s Red Hot Rebellion have been trailblazing their kerosene-soaked, hard-hitting party soundtrack since 2010 and they honestly couldn’t give a rat’s ass whether you think it’s punk-ish metal or metal-ish punk, as long as you’re ready to put on your 64-hole dancing boots and kick holes in the walls of whatever venue they deign to destroy in your town. Red Hot Rebellion brings a noise that’s as equally indebted to the Ramones and the Dwarves as it is to anarchic 80s metal acts like Motorhead and M.O.D. Up until now Red Hot Rebellion has been lurking underground like the dudes from C.H.U.D. Now the manhole covers are coming off and the party is spilling out into the streets. You’ve been warned.



Jacob Reher
Jacob Reher is a 13 year old Columbus based artist. Jacob has loved to draw since he was 3 years old and it was obvious he had a special gift.

Jacob signed with Hound Comics in 2012 after winning a contest. He created a original character “Diablos” which made an appearance in the Critical Mass comicbook.

In 2014 Jacob illustrated “If I Had Super Powers.” A childrens book written by Anthony DiChiara. The book was published in 2014 and is available on Amazon. Jacob is well known in his community for his charity work. To date he has raised and donated over 12,000 for families with sick children.



Rusty Shackles
Rusty Shackles is a Dayton OH based illustrator who has done work for 1up, Hardcore Gaming 101 and ComicsAlliance, as well as being published in comics from Oni Press, Monkeybrain, Action Lab and more.

He is currently the cover artist for Hardcore Gaming 101’s line of books, and runs Insert-Quarter Bin, featuring new versions of famous comic book covers mixed with iconic video games.

Check out his WEBSITE.


Scott D.M. Simmons
Scott D.M. Simmons is an illustrator whose career includes creating artwork for Lucasfilm, Arcana, Image, Moonstone, Topps, and independent press. His higher-profile work includes art for official “Star Wars” licensees and events like Celebration, the Arcana horror graphic novel “The Dead Cell”, and the Image horror staple “Hack/Slash”. He is the regular series artist of the independent all-ages superhero comedy “Our Super Mom”, which is coming into its second trade paperback. His artwork can also be seen in the indie horror/superhero comic, “Halloween Man”, Moonstone’s coffee-table sized “Voltron” art book and a variety of exciting sketch card sets such as “Dynamo 5″, “Hack/Slash”, “Sheena”, and “Star Wars”. He is the creator of the dramatic superhero series “Knights of P.O.W.E.R.”.

Check out his WEBSITE.

Lauren-self portrait 2014-12-19-WEB

Lauren Sparks
Lauren Sparks has most recently illustrated issue #2 of Open Tree, Linus and the Fluke of Love for Assailant Comics. She also writes and draws the silly webcomic Cats Talking Words, and wrote and illustrated a short story for Transitions Anthology. She works primarily in watercolor and enjoys drawing humans, cats and Pokemon.

Check out her BLOG.


Matthew Sparks
Matt Sparks illustrated the last two issues of Hardcase by Scott Bachmann for Scott Comics and is currently penciling issue #1 of the comic book Viride, written by himself and Brenna Mudge. He colors his traditional work primarily in marker, and enjoys drawing heroic characters like Spiderman and Batman.

Check out his FACEBOOK.


John Steventon (HappyGlyphs Comics)
John Steventon is a cartoonist and freelance illustrator known for his comic strips, Knight and Day and The Inquiring Minds, and his freelance illustrations. His freelance work ranges from magazine covers to entire comic books, and appears worldwide in various print media. He has created several comic strip collections and a graphic novel, and is currently creating a series of all-ages comic books called The Inquiring Minds (Issue #2 debuts this summer!).

Check out more HappyGlyphs on their WEBSITE, FACEBOOK or online PORTFOLIO.

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